We do not represent any church or religious group. So if you’re looking for Religion, cute conspiracy theories, newly dug-up gospels, or quantum petals of light flowing through inner streams of nothingness . . .

this book is not for you.

If you do not have an unquenchable thirst to know the absolute truth about the destiny of your soul or about the miracle of life . . .

this book is not for you.

This book is about one thing and one thing only: If there’s an afterlife – how do we get there? What are the Keys? And who has them?

And we’ve had enough!

Have you ever wondered why hundreds of religious groups claim to have the Keys to your grave and eternity?And yet, not only are their Keys shockingly different from each other, but their teachings on God, salvation, heaven, and our cosmic and biological origins are lethally incompatible or downright silly.

Then when asked to show proof, they basically say “we don’t have any, but our church leaders swear that when we die, we will surely join them in paradise.”

We may be a Bunch of Fools and Rejects, but that doesn’t seem like the right answer!

The good news is that after years of grueling research, we finally found them! The bad news is that it makes no sense! While following the biochemical and Biblical trails of immortality, we discovered that Science is correct; and Creation Science is in fact total nonsense! And worse, it seems that roughly 97% of the human family MAY have already perished without the right Biblical Keys to the hereafter. (It makes no sense.  Surely, we must be wrong !!!)



It is 100% impossible to read this book (with an open but critical and honest mind) and remain an atheist. Absolutely and totally Impossible! Sure hope the current lords of the atheist rodeo such as – Sam Harris, Michael Shermer and Bart Ehrman – are ready to be served by a Bunch of Fools and Rejects from South America and Canada.

By the way, if you’re planning to read this book, you’d better sit down. This is War!







  • Does saying the “sinner’s prayer” alone and asking Jesus into your heart constitute Eternal Life? In other words, do Christians get Immortality or sweet Religion? Take the Salvation Test.


  •  Is life a stupid, meaningless gift? Or a bizarre, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity?


  • You cannot die to go to Heaven. You must be born there. Just as it is impossible for you to get here — unless you were born here.


  • What happens three seconds after we die? Does the miracle of life end here? Or is there another miracle on the other side of the horizon?


  • Why did the very first prophecy in the Bible connect Eve – who was miraculously formed from a Man alone – to a Jewish baby miraculously born from a WOMAN alone?


  • Is it possible that the Jews are actually 100% correct about the Isaiah 7:14 prophecy? What was more important: That Mary was a virgin? Or that a YOUNG WOMAN (who was indeed a virgin) brought forth a child without the benefit of a human father?


  • Is it possible that the Creator used the genetic link connecting Jewish women to execute a covert plan to protect and shield the human family from eternal destruction? Are women in fact the unsung heroes of the Old Testament?



  • Are professional scientists disciples of the devil and enemies of God and the Bible – as many are taught?



  • Who were all those smelly pre-human primates whose bones fill museums around the globe?


  • How could angelic beings (the Nephilim account) have sex and make babies with humans when angels do not have the ability to procreate?


  • Why were the Jews given so many strict dietary, marital and extremely stringent laws?


  • Why doesn’t anyone, even to this day, know why God was so fierce and short-tempered in the Old Testament?


  • Did Adam die twice?



  • Most Christians say that they are monotheistic. Are they? Really? When we stand before the Almighty God in Heaven, will we see one God with one face sitting on one throne? Or three separate divine persons with three separate faces, sitting on three thrones? The Mystery of the Trinity Unveiled.